During a trip, well-being often involves physical activity… What could be better than combining holidays and sports activities adapted to your level in the middle of nature? … »
L’aventurier offers you a unique journey allowing you to discover places that are not very touristy in a
« … An island with mythical origins where Ulysses made a stopover and it was only a matter of time before he interrupted his journey, under the influence of the Lotos, this fruit with the taste of honey whose effect would be the oblivion of everything… ».This trip is an opportunity to take time for yourself and find yourself… Experience a journey of a few days and well beyond! The Lotos will do everything else.


  • Immerse yourself in the authenticity of the villages of Erriadh or Hara Sghira,
  • Exploration of the Jewish Quarter in Erriadh.


  • Interpretation of Street Art Murals in DjerbaHood.
  • Visit to Dar L’hrissa and Local Cuisine Tasting.
  • Djerba Explorer Bike Tour.


  • Caravanserais Exploration and meeting local artisans.
  • Visit the Spanish Fort “Borj Ghazi Mustapha”.
  • Exploration of Religious Diversity.
  • Unique Culinary Experience, local flavors – (“Bring your fish, and I’ll grill it for you”).

Arrival and immersion in the Jewish Quarter in Hara sghira, Djerba Hood Street art

Djerba Explorer Bike Tour

Exploring the hidden treasures of H.souk


  • Authentic Breakfast with Fishermen.
  • Traditional Fishing Techniques.
  • Authentic Seafood Lunch, enjoy a lunch amidst the traditional ambiance
  • Afternoon Water Sports with magical Sunset Experience


  • Horseback Ride to the Flamingo Island.
  • Yoga Session by the Dunes and Beach.
  • Bird Watching at Ras R’mel Wetland


  • Spa and Relaxing Massage Session.
  • Transfer to the Airport
  • Farewell, in djerbian dialect “… yjikoum el hnè w’el khir… يجيكم الهنا والخير ,” “May goodness and blessings come your way.”

Expolring the west coast of the island : fixed fishing and water sports at sidi jmour

Horseback riding and Yoga

Relaxation and departure

Popular Question

Do you have to be sporty for this trip?

The physical activities included in the program will be adapted to your pace.
In summer, the days can be hot in Djerba and some cycling stages can be difficult. Also to make you feel comfortable, we recommend more or less experience and sporty travelers.
E-bikes suitable for the route and your height can be provided.

Where will I stay?

All lunches during the trip will be at our expense except day three and five. During your stay, we will offer you quality restaurants.
Thus, you will have the opportunity to taste the dishes consumed daily by the locals in typical and unusual places. Feel free to let us know your diets or food allergies; We will gladly adapt to your situation.
During physical activities, we prepare refreshments for you to take away and consume on site.

What are the essentials to bring?

It is imperative to bring your appropriate sports clothing for walking, cycling and water activities. Sunscreen and mosquito repellent are highly recommended in summer.
For the horseback riding activity, all equipment is at the expense of the service provider.
Your guides always have a first aid kit at their disposal as well as all the necessary equipment during the bike rides (helmet, repair kit and refreshments).

Who will I be travelling with?

L’AVENTURIER offers you this pack in order to experience a trip that suits you. Travel according to your dates; with friends, as a couple or as a family.
To do so, contact us. We will send you a quote.

When is the best time to go?

This trip is available all year round. In spring, the climate is at its most pleasant. The very hot summer months make the challenge more difficult, but the water activities will be extraordinary

The ethics of our company are based on several fundamental values:

  • Sustainability: We favour the use of bicycles for commuting and new low-carbon cars to reduce our environmental footprint, excluding quad rides.
  • Promotion of an active lifestyle and green mobility, in line with the local culture of Djerba.
  • Respect for the environment: We are committed to avoiding disposable materials, to organising regular plogging actions along our routes, and to educate residents and travellers about responsible waste management.
  • Passion: Our team, passionate about travel, sports and adventure, designs and tests this program to create unique and memorable experiences.
  • Immersion: We promote total immersion experiences, encouraging authentic encounters and exchanges between participants and the local population.
  • In addition to these values, we are committed to a responsible approach by donating 1% of our annual turnover to offer disadvantaged young people the opportunity to discover Djerba through tailor-made educational trips and awareness-raising activities on sustainable development.